Margot Eisele, Heilpraktikerin

Naturheilpraxis Margot Eisele, Heilpraktikerin - München, Haidhausen
Margot Eisele, Heilpraktikerin

A little bit about me so you can get to know me:

If you have any questions about your illness, my diagnostic methods oder my treating methods, please contact me through phone,  write me an e-mail or use the contact form on this page. If you want to book an appointment, here you can see free slots and book directly at Naturheilpraxis Margot Eisele.

Sick all the time, what can I do?

Cause and treatment of beeing ill too often
Book: sick all the time, what can I do?




This is my book: Ständig krank, was kann ich tun? (sick all the time, what can I do?)


You can get it as an e-book or printed version through Amazon or at my medical practice.