Prices at your Naturopath in München

I will give you the bill after each appointment. You can pay cash or send me the money from home. If you have a private insurance, please note that the money is due no matter if your insurance company is paying for it and how much they are paying for. Please be aware that the prices accepted by the insurance company were set for Naturopaths more than 40 years ago. Since no one in München can work with 40 year old prices, mine are set above what the insurance company will accept.


Your appointments need to be cancelled at least 24h in advance, otherwise you will be charged 50% of the costs.

Consultation prices



First appointment
(excluding treatments and medicine)

120 €

First appointment children

82 €

Consultation up to 30min.

Consultation up to 60min.

50 €

100 €

Consultation through phone/e-mail w/o appointment

15 € per10min.


treatments and therapy costs

Acupuncture 59
 Permanent needle ear 19

Infusion with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and homeopathic medicine

49 € plus material

Injections: with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and homeopathic medicine

Ab 30 plus material

Neural therapy

56 plus material



Cupping, cupping massage


Therapeutig female massage (TFM)

85 €

PTT with Pneumatron/Pulsation massage


Insurance refudns and Payment


Private insurance companies, additional insurance or Beihilfe will be paying only parts of the costs. Please be sure to talk to them in advance to check for there policy.

Beware that you will have to pay me the full price, no matter how much your insurance company will refund you.

If you would like to, I can always get you a treatment plan and you can check with your insurance before we start the treatment.


Paying methods

Cash or bill, no cards.